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Weather in Seattle

The climate in Seattle is influenced by its location right on the Puget Sound and the greater Pacific Ocean, and Lake Washington. It's also defined by the Cascade mountain Range and the nearby Olympic Mountains. All these geographic factors help moderate the temperatures and prevent them from becoming too extreme one way or another.

Seattle is widely known for its relentless rain, but in reality Seattle doesn't have that much rainfall during the year. In fact, with its 37 inches of annual rainfall, it gets less rain than many of the cities on the East Coast such as New York and Atlanta, andisn't even featured in the top ten US cities with the most rain.

Weather Seattle, Washington , Seattle City

The reason Seattle has gotten the reputation of having a lot of rain is because of the amount of rain that falls at once. While the official rain season begins on October 1, the great majority of city's precipitation falls during the winter. There's an average of 150 days of rain during the year. Most of the rain that falls is not intense and comes down in the form of mist and light showers, but there are sporadic rain downpours like the one that occurred in December, 2007 which resulted in four deaths and many power outages.

While in Seattle, be very careful driving during the rain and always carry an umbrella. When there is light rain, you will find that most locals use a hoodie instead on an umbrella, so if you want to blend in, stash that umbrella away, pull out your hoodie and avoid delicate fabrics such as silk and suede.

Seattle City

During the winter, there is some snowfallwith the average annual snowfall at 8.1 inches, and average temperatures during this time dropping to the 30s and 40s. Even though most of the city's rainfall occurs during the winter, Seattle still has a significant amount of overcast weather, with an average of 201 cloudy days a year which is the fourth in the US, and 93 days of partly cloudy weather a year. Take advantage of cloudy weather to visit popular tourist attractions that are usually overcrowded during the sunny days.

Seattle summers, by contrast are warm and generally dry with very little rain. The driest period in Seattle is between mid-July and mid-August. Compared to other US cities, it doesn't get very hot in the summer with temperature high averages in the 70s and lows in the mid-50s.
These temperatures make summer an ideal time to engage in many of Seattle's outdoor activities, such as hiking in Mt. Rainier, discovering all of the area parks such as Kerry Park and Discovery Park, or sailing on the Puget Sound. Seattle gets on average 58 sunny days a year, mostly in the summer. This number puts Seattle at seventh place of least sunny days in the US.The best way to dress for Seattle weather is to wear layers, and even in the summer always have a jacket with you at night because temperatures can drop sharply.

Spring is also a beautiful time to visit Seattle with the flowers blooming, and with so many outstanding parks, lakes, and mountains and many outdoor activities to discover.

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Seattle City